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Since 1975, Anthony Montalbano has been committed to building the finest homes in the Chicagoland area.  From the distinctive custom lifestyle, to the first-time buyer beginning the dream of homeownership. Rally Homes is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship in each home that we build. Homes foster and grow the memories of a lifetime. We bring that commitment into each and every community we develop; working closely with the most qualified professionals in our business. Rally Homes creates communities that thrive and endure, growing in value for generations to come.

For over 40 years, quality craftsmanship and attentive customer service have been the standards by which Anthony Montalbano has built his reputation… one home at a time.

Anthony Montalbano Sr
CEO of Rally Homes.

Tony brings over forty years of land development, home construction, project financing and community sales management experience.

Since Founding Montalbano Homes in 1975, Tony has consistently been recognized as a leader in the homebuilding industry. This impressive track record was built through a longstanding dedication to customer satisfaction and adherence to the motto “Building a Reputation One House at a Time”.

During this distinguished career, Tony has successfully sold more than 5,700 homes and 1750 developed lots in 43 communities across 28 separate cities. Under his leadership, Montalbano Homes consistently ranked in the top 200 homebuilders in the United States and in the top 25 in Illinois.

The list of Tony’s accomplishments are as long as his career. His organization was recognized eight times since 1996 for design excellence and also received the Executive Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement by the Homebuilders Association of Greater Chicago. Recent independent customer satisfaction surveys have ranked his communities as a “top performer” in 27 of 30 key performance areas, meaning they placed in the top 10 percent among all survey participants.

Tony’s personal leadership capabilities mirror the success of the company he created. In 1989, Tony was named “Illinois Entrepreneur of the Year” by Inc. Magazine and in 2005 was named to the Italian American Hall of Fame

Anthony Montalbano Jr
Owner and VP Operations of Rally Homes

Formerly, Anthony Montalbano, Jr. served as the Montalbano Home’s Vice President of Operations where he initiated and led a number of key initiatives to enhance the homebuilder’s leadership position in quality, cost and customer satisfaction.

Initially spending several years in the field as a Construction Manager, in 2002 he became the Company’s vice president Community Operations, overseeing the day-to-day operations of construction, sales, closings and quality assurance supervising construction managers and sales personnel.

In addition, he was instrumental in designing and implementing the Company’s successful Quality Management System, the purpose of which was to standardize processes and procedures in order to maximize customer satisfaction.

In addition, Mr. Montalbano designed and implemented the current safety program for Rally Homes in order to maximize construction safety, heighten subcontractor safety awareness and standardize construction accident response. Mr. Montalbano has used his computer expertise to revamp the construction scheduling module, thereby achieving enhanced efficiencies and significantly reducing construction cycle time.

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, Mr. Montalbano computerized the Company’s warranty scheduling and follow-up, and set up improved warranty procedures.